Ian Smith, former vocalist/organist of the disbanded INNER MIND, got ex-members Dave Tattersall (Bass) and Jimmy Walsh (Drums) and several other musicians together to record two very different styles of music. The Spinstars` (group) tracks were 90m.p.h. Punky Reggae or Soul, whilst The Spinstar (solo) songs were Commercial Soul/Reggae.

The Spinstar was the result of recording sessions in Dec.`81/Jan. `82 at Mick Robson`s RicRac Studio in Leeds, Yorkshire.  Besides several backing tracks, these sessions yielded the impressive "(No) I Can`t Stand It" & "Don`t Wanna Go Home".  The musicians on these recordings were Ian, Dave Tattersall, Jimmy Walsh & John Dixon (original Inner Mind members); to augment the sessions were Alan Wormald on guitar and two brass players, Rick Longden and a certain Mr. Booth (full name forgotten).  The final guitar solo/added fills were done by Charlie Speed, a well-known Leeds axe-man.  Later, in March & July, the four Inner Mind members plus the self-effacing Mr. Booth on sax recorded "What`D You Say?" and "Jamaica Rum", with john Dixon adding the excellent guitar solo on the first of the two tunes, whilst a gang of 6 added the drink-enhanced vocals on the second.

Ian used "THE SPINSTAR" name purely out of convenience, as no other name sprang to mind and it was suitably anonymous; so, in the happy chance a hit record came out of it, he could get a suitable band together `as-and-when`.

As it happened, KR Records picked up on "(No) I Can`t Stand It", an explosive Reggae title with everything thrown in - soulified vocal, bluesy guitar, Stax-style brass section over a driving Reggae rhythm. It was an outstanding track)praised by the late Alexis Korner on his radio show as one of the best recordings of its type he`d heard); exceptional, nearly charting but ended up as a `coulda-been, shoulda-been` release that failed due to lack of airplay.

The scheduled follow-up "What`d You Say?" never made it to disc; KR Records packed in and boss Tony Calder retired to Antigua and that was the end of it.

However, The Spinstar tracks remain the finest examples of soulful Reggae at its best.

Since then, Ian and Frannie, at the F.I. Studio, have been recording quite a number of soul-style tracks, which Ian continues to record as The Spinstar.

"He`s Gettin` The Goods` is a fine original `riff` song which literally cannot grow old, as most Soul songs. It sounds as fresh and relevant today as ever. The next recording was "Get Out My Mind, Woman", another `riff` Soul-style original title, using a record sample, to create a funky-sounding track. A pretend `live` recording of Otis Redding`s up-tempo version of the Stones` "Satisfaction" is a stand-out rendition, whilst the original "You`re Only As Good As Your Lover" is a perfect example of what is now called Northern Soul.

With this combination of Reggae and Soul tunes, The Spinstar is set to continue serving a permanent market of music enthusiasts of all ages.