The lead singer/keyboard player of The Inner Mind, Ian Smith. Several records by the band were released as `Smithy` or `Smithy All Stars`. In recent years, several Reggae singles have been released as a solo artiste. Check out available tracks from our Hot Lead downoad site.

Since THE INNER MIND went their separate ways, Ian continued on in the business working with a duo & then as a solo act (Goldsmith); he still continued recording, producing records & songwriting.

During this time, he recorded under the name THE SPINSTAR and kept in touch with Dave Tattersall (Bassist) and Jimmy Walsh (Drummer) of the old group; John Dixon, one of the guitarist with The Inner Mind, sadly died but, as Ian says "one of the best guitar solos on any Reggae record" is still heard from him on The Spinstar track "WHAT`D YOU SAY?"; the other guitarist, Finley Topham, moved to Brittany, France where he gigs with a band across there as bassist.

Ian`s recordings were, to put it mildly, diverse - Country Rock music as IAN COLTAIRE, Punk Reggae as THE SPINSTARS (with Dave & Jimmy and others), Reggae and Soul as THE SPINSTAR and a couple of out`n`out Country tracks as Marlo James.  However he never strayed too far from his beloved Reggae music and in recent years, aided and abetted by long-term friend and an ex-Inner Mind drummer, Frannie Haywood, has brought out a plethora of Reggae sounds as SMITHY and FINYL MIX, many to be found on our download/shop page.

A recent project, yet to be completed, is an album of songs written by SMITHY (Ian), using some of his favourite old Reggae backing tracks, giving a new lift to some treasured old `boss sounds`.  The completed album will be called "Resurrection Reshuffled" but, as a taster, we have "SO EASY", "SO EASY (TO LOVE) and "YOU GONNA LET ME DOWN" on our SMITHY download/shop page.