Alec (Rocky Allan) was the lead vocalist/guitarist with Rock`n`Roll group, Alec & The Bluenotes, later to become Alec & The Alleycats.

As well as recording with The Alleycats, Rocky has also recorded as a solo act on such outstanding tracks as

*******`Make Believe a While`*******

Some time ago, radio stations internationally were playing copies of a badly recorded and incomplete track .......... they were asking IS IT OR ISN'T IT?? It didn't QUITE sound like him, but the story went that it was an acetate recording at a private get together of musicians and friends of ELVIS PRESLEY and some unnamed vocalist.

Unlike ELVIS usual recordings, this was a DUET and didn't feature his voice on lead!

The quality of recording was atrocious, which didn't help in identifying wether it was ELVIS or not; the acetate was damaged so the song was in disjointed pieces and incomplete.

ROCKY ALLAN got a copy and messed around on his studio equipment, slowing the speed right down and he was convinced it WAS the man himself.

Fired up with this conviction ROCKY added the missing lyrics and melodies to complete the song as he felt ELVIS would have done it, had it been made into a Master Recording.

Everything was recorded in the simplest way, as it would have been back in the late Fifties. The track was produced without any undo embellishment, to keep the raw and basic quality of those old recordings at SUN and RCA.

Here is the track ........... The question still ..................... WAS IT OR WASN'T IT???????????? "MAKE BELIEVE A WHILE"