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Reggae Giant is the publishing arm of Castle Hill Music which deals exclusively with all the new Reggae material taken on by the company.

Castle Hill Music was established in 1970 as the publishing arm of Hot Lead Records, originally to cover all the new original songs on the label & those licensed by Ian R. Smith/Hot Lead Records to ther labels; all of the material then was Reggae music. As time went on and the songs & writers increased, Castle Hill extended its catalogue, eventually embracing nearly all styles of music.

Recently, with the revival of the old recordings and the introduction of brand new material on Hot Lead & its other labels, Reggae Giant Music has been created as an exclusively Reggae Music publisher, as previously mentioned.

Some of the latest titles from the catalogue to be released are :-

"England Is A Bitch" recorded by G.GEE BROWN< ***

"Been So Long" (recording in progress)

"Strong Love" (recording in progress)

"So Easy" recorded by SMITHY ***

"So Easy (To Love)" recorded by SMITHY ***

"Bankers & Skankers" recorded by GEORGE D. ZONERAY ***

"Stop This Felling" recorded by AUDLEY BUCKLE ***

"You Gonna Let Me Down" recorded by SMITHY ***

( *** These titles available from our Hot Lead Records Download site. )