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Frannie started his career as drummer in several groups, one of the groups being "The Inner Mind"where he and Ian first met and played together. This sparked off a great friendship with lots of discussions over lots of beers about our varied tastes in music. Ian is very heavily into Ska and Reggae, both Frannie and Ian have a very varied taste in music, Jazz, Rock n'Roll, Funk, Classical, Country etc. and we are both big fans and love Soul/Blues. Frannie has the attitude that it doesn't matter what label is given to a certain kind of music, if it's good, well played and well produced it deserves and should get airplay.

Frannie reluctantly left "The Inner Mind" after a very enjoyable couple of years to pursue another avenue in his career starting his own band "Marie and the Omnibus", consisting of; Female Vocalist, Drums, Bass, Sax and Guitar/Keys. They played a very mixed bag of music which went down extremely well with audiences saying how good the band played and sounded, but following up the praise with comments like "the band sounds great but can you play something we know"!

After a while Frannie got itchy feet again and wanted to use his reading skills in cabaret, and so went on to working men's clubs which was a great grounding and experience, before moving on to play all the top Northern Night Clubs and Theatres. A major break-through came whilst working in so many varied gigs he earned the name of "super-dep". Frannie explains this was because he could handle the work but wasn't interested in stealing anyone's gig, and he enjoyed the variety of work as every night was so different.

He did many major gigs including a huge number of dates at the famous Batley Variety Club, Wakefield Theatre Club, and innumerable other night clubs, plus Mecca and Top Rank dance halls etc. Frannie also had the privilege of working with the Stuart Atkins 18 piece Orchestra playing great classic tunes from Count Basie to Kenton and Billy May to Glen Miller. Frannie worked with the band for over three and a half years, the experience gained during this time was second to none. Stuart and Frannie became good mates and worked together on lots of other gigs as well as the Big Band, and still do the odd gig to this day.

With this vast experience Frannie progressed into big shows, film, television, and session work earning the reputation as drummer to the stars. Playing for Keith Emerson, Freddie Starr, Roy Wood, Peggy Lee, Joe Longthorn, Roy Orbison, Lulu, Johnny Ray, Jane MacDonald, Sue Pollard, Cilla Black, Danny La Rue, P.J. Proby, Al Martino, Joe Loss Orchestra, Peters & Lee, Grace Kennedy, Des O`Connor, Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent, Lyn Paul, George Hamilton IV, Stutz Bear Cats, Tammy Wynette, Solomon King, Les Dawson, Cannon & Ball, Max Boyce, Norman Wisdom, Joe Pasquale, Lenny Henry, The Krankies, Dick Emery, Tom O'Connor, Russ Abbott, Richard Fleishman, The Bachelors, Susan Maughan, The Drifters, Little & Large, and many many more.

Also playing for The Royal Family at various Royal Variety performances. (By appointment) as it used to say on jam jars and things!

He was Musical Director and Drummer for 8 years with top International entertainer, Peter Gordeno and his self-contained singing and dancing cabaret show. During this time they toured the U.K., Australia, U.S.A., Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Monte Carlo and Spain. They also went on a very memorable 8-weeks tour of Russia, ( U.S.S.R. ) where Frannie conducted a thirty-four piece Russian orchestra. The show also featured on the Q.E. II, Oriana & other cruise ships.

Frannie then went on to work for over 7 years with International Comedian & Singer Jim Davidson as drummer in the band. After a couple of years Frannie was put in charge of the band, touring the clubs and doing Jim's T.V. specials. He went to the Falkland Islands to entertain the troops on several occasions as Jim's Musical Director and Drummer, one of these visits resulting in a highly successful television Christmas Special and Video. With the success of the Christmas Special they went to Berlin the following year entertaining the troops for another T.V Christmas special and video .

He has continued touring, and working with well known celebrities, pantomime and general gigging,
and is devoting some of his time to F.I. Music, recording and co writing with Ian R Smith also developing Diva Music, producing his own live shows
and working on his new band "Rhythm Engine".