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FInyl Mix are not like the others...

Anybody, who knows their Reggae history, will know that a vast proportion of acts over the last few years, who release commercial Reggae tracks,
have been delving into the archives of the late 60s/early 70s Reggae scene.

The new Reggae fans THINK it`s all new, when in fact it`s as old as the hills - some new act resurrects an old Reggae song or arrangement & no-one is the wiser.

Not so FInyl Mix!

Yes, they`re commercial & DO Reggae-up some tracks but...they`re songs no-one else would THINK of doing in a Commercial Reggae style! Couple this with an equal number of original songs, which stand up & hit you in the ears, and you`ve got an album of Reggae delight.

Riddim come faar-ward!!


The combined talents of IAN SMITH and FRANNIE HAYWOOD, working together again, have come up with a variety of fresh new Commercial Reggae Sounds.


`Sleeve notes` for the "REGGAE RUNNER" CD album by FInyl Mix

"When I heard the first two tracks we got from these guys, I knew we wanted the album.

On hearing all the songs, I was split as to whether I liked the original versions or their Reggae-style re-makes of the past hits. Their original material is superb & fits hand-in-glove with the spirit and feel of the album.

`She`s About A Mover` knocked me out - always loved the original Sir Douglas Quintet disc, out in the 60`s with the voice of the wild boy, Doug Sahm.

The Contours, Brian Poole & The Tremeloes and the Dave Clark Five all covered `Do You Love Me` (Berry Gordy must`ve written this five minutes after hearing `Twist & Shout`!!)

`Bad Moon Rising` really put Creedence ClearwaterRevival on the music map & the Everly Bros. were making hit after hit when they first recorded the Bryant songwriting duo`s `When Will I Be Loved`- this version by FInyl Mix is GREAT!

The most obscure re-make on this album is `Ten White Horses`, originally released by the mysteriously named Horatio Soul (whose real name was probably Hubert Pattison, as he wrote the song) & the oldest of the songs has got to be `Last Night`, originally purely an instrumental by The Mar-Keys. This gave Stax Records their first sizeable international hit, although label boss was trading at Satellite Records at the time. FInyl Mix have added a vocal chorus plus verse raps & a steamin`- hot trumpet, blown like the Devil by Bruce Adams.

Yep, it`s guaranteed, this will NOT be the final thing you hear from FInyl Mix! The ideas just keep coming. Keep it up, guys."

Maurice Lee, A & R Dept., Hot Lead Records