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IAN COLTAIRE was “born” in 1991!!

Ian R. Smith was asked by old buddy Bob Velvin to voice a demo song he was sending to the U.S.A. Dutifully the session was done at Blue Strike Studios in Harrogate, Yorkshire and the resultant Country Rock track “Hearts of the Night” was sent to America; the record label decided it was great as it was and didn`t need to be re-recorded, so it was released in November that year.

By 14th December the track was #33 with a bullet in the Indie Bullet Chart and astoundingly by January of 1992 was #1 in The Music Review Country Chart!!

Hot on the heels of this, Bob recorded a new track with Ian and the faster, rockier “Born In The Badlands” was rush-released and by February `92, The Music Review chart had “Hearts” at #9 and a new entry “Badlands” at #30. In March “Badlands” entered the All American Hot 100 and had reached #9 in the Music Review chart and by April, #12 in the Independent Monitor Hot 25.

By now a full album was in production, resulting in the fine “Ebony Nights, Ivory Towers”, produced by and all songs written by Bob Velvin. Two more single charted in the coming months “Into the Wild” & “Fire on The Highway” in both The Music Review & Independent Monitor Hot 25 Charts.

From the album, another single was released, with “Streets of New York” hitting #4 in the Top 30 Indie Pop Chart and finally a fresh cut “Stone Cold In The Morning” reaching #13 on Airplay International`s Chart in `95.

Bob and Ian`s careers from that point parted for a while, as Bob moved to Nashville to record other artiste on his songs; meanwhile Ian continued recording and performing back in England.

It was only on a whim that Ian decided to `resurrect` Ian Coltaire. On reading that one of his heroes, Doug Sahm, had died, Ian dug up (pardon the pun) one of his old titles “Wise After the Event” and re-recorded it in the Sahm style, with co-producer, Frannie Haywood.

History then repeated itself, as track after track was recorded at F.I. Studios in Yorkshire and the end result is the “Another Sat`day Night [and it`s still only Tuesday]” album this time containing songs by Ian himself, a couple of Doug Sahm tunes & one by Bob Velvin. And so it continues, a strong mixture of Country and Country Rock styles with smatterings of R`n`R and Soul and ALWAYS but ALWAYS knock-out songs.