MR. T. BONES is John Noel, now living in Leeds, Yorkshire, but, back when his recordings on our download pages were done, he was part of the Huddersfield Reggae scene, which isn`t as unlikely as it sounds.

Since the "Windrush" days, Huddersfield always had a thriving West Indian community and John, a Trinidadian young lad, got together with THE MAZE, got out on the road & gigged; they hoped to make it on the burgeoning RockSteady/Reggae scene in Huddersfield/Leeds and just over the Pennines in Oldham/Manchester.

They recorded "RUBY"and a couple of other tracks at a session at Mat`s King St. Studio in Huddersfield; the `B` side to the released single was an instrumental called "Hand of Glory" (which was actually not by them, but that was quite a regular occurrence in those days of early Reggae 7" singles).

John actually recorded again for Hot Lead Records as THE DALTON BROTHERS "FAREWELL DON`T CRY" and again on a `B` side with "YOU DON`T NEED ME" as MR. T. BONES.

He continued recording when he moved to Leeds and "ROOTSMAN" is a track he recorded over there, with keyboard/syth sounds added later.

Since then, he has helped many young, up-and-coming hopefuls on their first steps in recording at his home studio.