Despite there being a guitarist called John Dixon and an unassociated group called The Kingsnakes in the U.S.A., OUR John Dixon has a completely different pedigree ---

This JOHN DIXON was from Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

A highly-accomplished guitarist, John had a wide experience as a musician, having worked for quite a time in Mecca bands in the local area, playing all types and styles of Pop Music; the Mecca ballrooms used to employ musicians who had the ability to cover the wide spectrum of Pop and, as resident band, they had to be able to hold their own as backing group for guest artistes and doing their own show, night after night.

John went on to form his own bands and, for two periods of time in the early `70`s, joined The Inner Mind, working up & down the country with this renowned Reggae group, boozin` and boogie-in`!! Speaking of that, Mr. Dixon then went on to form The Kingsnakes, specializing in Boogie, Blues & Rock`n`Roll. Later they changed name (because of the aforementioned U.S. same-name outfit) to John Dixon`s Kingsnakes and eventually THE JOHN DIXON BAND.

John always had a wide tasts in music, but he then began to concentrate on his much-loved Blues music. Also, his `proper` job having been a school teacher (not of music, strangely!) in the past, he began teaching guitar & writing articles for guitar magazines, whilst continuing working as a `supply teacher`. During this period, he composed a lot of RagTime guitar instrumentals, working on a solo basis.

John`s health had been somewhat unpredictable, by this time, suffering from heart problems. This eventually was to be the cause of his premature death...a much-missed talent. Always an unpredictable character, John Dixon could be slightly `moody` ; once asked how he thought the night`s gig had gone, he replied, "I don`t know. Ask me next Wednesday!" and promptly walked away!! As one fellow muso once said, "John Dixon? Two of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet!"

John has gone, but thankfully the music remains as a permanent testament to his immense guitar and vocal talent.