The Groovers were formed in 1970 by recent arrivals to England Audley & Bob Buckle (credited as Johnson on record at the time) from Jamaica. They simply wanted to `make it` on the music scene; day jobs made money, but the big money could be made on the thriving Rocksteady/Reggae scene, or so it was believed. The story line on "The Harder They Come" film was as true on the Reggae scene in England as in Jamaica - maybe not as violent but the rewards were just as elusive! Promises, promises but you still all crowded in a Transit van at the end of a gig travelling back from one or the other side of the Pennines back to Huddersfield in Yorkshire. The band went from strength to strength and became one of the top Reggae groups on the circuit.

Audley adopted the name `Alton` when they recorded "WARM & TENDER LOVE" for Hot Lead Records, whilst their follow-up single was credited solely to The Groovers. By this time, they were regularly backing the legendary Owen Gray and travelling down to the London area, where they recorded several tracks with Owen as producer, in between gigs down there.

When The Groovers split, Audley continued in the entertainment business and today is more active than ever.

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