Howard is a survivor - ducking & diving and still coming up for more. I remember saying that time & again about this resilient, irrepressible character who I`ve known since the beginning of time. In fact that isn`t strictly true...I KNEW about Howard for years before I actually met him.

I`d just joined a local group, The Peppers, and Howard was already established in FRANKENSTEIN & THE MONSTERS as the flamboyant front-man whose show-climax was to rip his leg off, swing it round his head & then throw it into the audience! People were more honest back in those days - they always returned it!!

After a terrible accident when he was young, Howard had a leg amputated, but it NEVER stopped him doing ANYTHING! Group singer, solo vocalist, DJ, night club manager, magician, entertainer extraordinaire, mammoth drinker & carouser, gambler, one time channel swimmer (yes!) and - er - like I said, survivor.

I once pushed him down a long flight of steps at his night club into a cellar (he`d been goading me for hours), but he hobbled back up, language ripe, and he just said "Hey, kid, what`d you do that for? It bloody hurt." So we called it a truce & went back to drinking.

Obviously, in the entertainment business, paths cross, part & re-cross and our`s did. He went to Spain, where he spent his last years. My last memory of him was a Saturday morning `phone call from Spain. He wanted a mate of his to go across; Howard had payed for the guy`s airfare, but the lad needed £20 to get a taxi to Manchester Airport. "Hey, kid, can you give him £20 and I`ll give you it back when I see you." So I drove to meet this stranger on a road in Huddersfield & gave him the money...and that was that. Sadly Mr. Burnet (or BURNETTE, as I christened him on his first single record release) left us soon after. Howard, mate, I know you`d do ANYTHING not to pay your bill..but that was a bit over the top! I miss him.

We really had a great time making BURNETTE`s tracks we`ve got on the download site.

The one single "RUNNING BEAR" was released on Hot Lead Records with "SHALL WE DANCE" as the `B` side.

The two marathon maxi-length tracks "DWARFBUSTERS" and "OLE Y`WOT?" were epic arrangements that I did, with a multitude of Howard`s friends/singers joining in on the choruses and his musician mates rocking out the backings.

"BIG TIME OPERATOR" was one of Howard`s favourite songs so we just HAD to do it, `cos it`s one of mine too!!

Ian Smith - Producer/arranger