Audley`s first musical aspirations were back in 1968 when he and his brother, Bob, recently arrived from Ja., formed a group called The Groovers (at that time called `Soul Express`, becoming The Groovers in 1970); Audley was the vocalist, Bob the guitarist, with cousin Cherry on bass guitar. The Huddersfield-based band went from strength to strength on the Reggae scene & became one of the top groups on the circuit.

Audley adopted the name `Alton` when they recorded "WARM & TENDER LOVE" for Hot Lead Records, whilst their follow-up single was credited solely to The Groovers. By this time, they were regularly backing the legendary Owen Gray and travelling down to the London area, where they recorded several tracks with Owen as producer, in betwen gigs down there.

Audley had another Hot Lead release at this time under the name of THE DALTON BROTHERS, a self-penned track called "HOLD ON TO WHAT YOU GOT".

Despite the group`s demise, when live work began to decrease during the recession and the demands of wives & girlfriends to `stay home`, Audley continued solo on a part-time basis. Eventually he successfully rekindled his professional status, this time as a solo artiste & DJ and has consolidated his career with recent new recordings, many of which are available to download from our site.

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